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Welcome to the only PVC Lamppost store on the internet!

We specialize in durable, lightweight, solar powered, PVC lampposts for campers. Our lampposts are 100% solar powered. There are no electrical wires to worry about or trip over. Setup is a breeze, just sit it where you want it! Store in your camper with ease - it weighs only 2 lbs!

Here are a few frequently asked questions about our PVC lamppost:

Will the camping lamppost stand on its own or do I need to use stakes?
Our lamppost will stand on its own as long as it is placed on level ground. However, a strong wind or bump could knock it over. We include two 10" metal stakes (pictured below) with your purchase, and recommend they be used to secure the lamp post.
.PVC Lamp Post Stakes

Is the hook on the lamppost strong enough to hold my family's wooden sign?
Yes, the hook is strong, and will hold a carved wooden sign with ease. You can also hang flags or other decorative items from the hook.
PVC Lamp Post Hook

How tall is the camping lamppost.
The total height of the lampost is 4' 10".

How much does the lamppost weigh?
The PVC lamppost weighs 2 lbs.

Do I have to assemble anything?
No, the unit arrives at your doorstep 100% assembled.

Do I have to buy a solar battery?
No, we include a new solar battery with your purchase.

I have a question, how can I contact you?
Call 1-800-517-5218 or email sales@pvclamppost.com

Do you have more pictures of the camping lamp I can look at?
Yes, here are a few full size images (click to enlarge):

Camping Lamp Post Full Picture Top of Lamp Post Base of Lamp Post PVC Lamp Post full picture two

How much does the lamppost cost, and how do I order?
The PVC Lamp Post costs $79.95, and for your convenience and security we accept VISA, Mastercard,
American Express and Echecks via Paypal.

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